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Circular Resources Australia provide practical compliance and operational advice to waste producers.

CRA's experienced team have managed both small and large businesses in the heavily regulated waste and recycling space, including organics recycling, composting, liquid & hazardous waste treatment, landfill, facility management and oil recycling. 

We offer many consulting services, including:

Environmental risk assessments

EPA submissions / applications

Waste disposal pathway reviews (Waste Mapping)

Audit preparation / gap analysis

Waste risk assessment & management

Safe work practices (waste handling & process improvement)

Environmental management plans

Demonstrations of use

Environmental improvement plans

Tender submissions & reviews

Waste management plans

Procedural documentation

Stormwater management plans

Business continuity planning

EPA compliance assistance for farms

Waste minimisation


On July 1st 2021, the Victorian regulatory landscape changed.  Do you know your duties?

New Rules

New Duties

New Liabilities

New Penalties

Are you ready?

​The Victorian Environmental Protection Act has changed.  On July 1, 2021, the new act introduced big changes including the introduction of an overarching General Environmental Duty (GED).  This applies to all Victorians and will be criminally enforceable. 

Under the new act, directors and officers of a business have a range of new duties and can be held personally liable for the environmental impact of their business.  People operating businesses are expected to understand their risks and have reasonable risk mitigation strategies in place. The system has changed from a "reactive" approach to a  preventative risk based system, where the polluter pays. This is much more onerous than the previous system and the penalties are much heavier. 

Key changes include:

  • General Environmental Duty (includes an expected "state of knowledge")

  • New duties, including the duty to manage and duty to notify

  • New permissions system for sites both generating and receiving waste

  • New waste classifications that capture a much wider range of waste types

  • New "demonstration of use" system for reusable wastes

  • New contaminated soil categories

  • New Director and Officer liabilities

  • New EPA powers including new inspection and inquiry powers and new remedial notice types

  • New, increased penalties for failing your duties (including civil & criminal)


Circular Resources Australia was founded to help businesses like yours comply with complicated environmental legislation. Please call us today to arrange a no obligation discussion around your compliance to the new laws.




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Circular Resources Australia was founded by Andrew Swann and Allan Cummins to help businesses achieve compliance with with EPA regulations.

Both Andrew and Allan have worked in the heavily regulated hazardous waste and recycling sector to manage sites for some of the world's largest waste companies. 

With over 25 years combined experience, they understand what needs to be done and how to achieve it.

Andrew and Allan have experienced the pressures that modern businesses face, including how to manage competing priorities such as safety, compliance, budgets, staffing, equipment and client pressure.

This is what makes CRA unique.  Andrew and Allan have operated businesses like yours and have the practical experience to confidently help you where you need it, as experienced compliance partners.



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